Goodbye, Winter.

The girls were trying to jump in one state and have their shadow in another, we never quite mastered it.

Winter is over. Officially, but not technically (30 percent chance of snow tomorrow...) Yesterday was one of those deceptive sky days. The clear blue and sunny rays tricked us into thinking it was warmer than it really was. But we didn't care it was so nice to be outside after a long winter stuck indoors- we had cabin fever.

The girls have the week off for Spring Break and we are trying to soak in all the Omaha we can. We've made to do lists of landmarks, restaurants, activities and animals to go see. Chances are we won't get them all done. But we're doing what we can. (And you can expect an overload of Instagrams.)

Have I ever told you how much I love the pedestrian bridge? Or the Missouri River? Well I do! Love them both. My sentimentality is at an all time high. I nearly teared up at this description on the bridge:
Feel her power, seek her teachings!

One of my very favorite things about living in Nebraska has been watching giant frozen white chunks of ice float down the Missouri river. I can't explain it but I think there is something so soothing about it (but I feel the same thing inside a car wash too...) I'll miss those giant ice blocks. They were cleansing to my spirit y'all! Not even a joke. But they were all melted yesterday. I've always told my kids when the ice is gone Winter is over.

Broken phone selfies= angelic filter.
I love the Omaha skyline.
I love the mix of old, new, industry and nature.
Omaha has been good for my soul.
A swim against the current that brought me knowledge of my independent strength.
(seriously has any one ever put more meaning into a landmark plaque than I just did?)
Yes, I get the eye rolling ridiculousness of it.
I just really love all of this right now.
I'm grateful and proud of my time lived here.
I've loved watching my kids grow up and experience things that they never would have back home.
They've seen poverty.
They've befriended diversity.
They've fallen in love with this place too.
I've loved that the Missouri River has silently flowed along side our adventure here.
Historically the Missouri served as the heart of the city.
I'm really going to miss it.

And yes, I plan on leaving a love lock behind.

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Whitney Shepard said...

This post brightened my life! I have loved your life and time in Omaha too!