Consider this a warning Google.

So I've long been a Google girl. Love me some Google. I remember the first time I used Google clear back in the early 2000's (LPHS writing lab y'all.) I don't use other search engines or web browsers. I secretly judge people my own age that don't have Gmail accounts. AOL really? In this day and age? Ask Jeeves just too fancy for you? (Sorry Mom.) I even mocked Nic when he tried opening an iCloud account. I'm just a loyal Google customer.

I see commercials telling me to "Bing it up" and I'm like "No thank-you I use Google."

But I've got to be honest with you Google's really starting to disappoint me. You would think something free that gives me unlimited access to the interwebs would do a better job trying to impress me! Which would be a legitimate criticism if every other notable company wasn't also free. So yeah I get that it is free, but still I want my Google the way it is (useful to me.)

So Google I don't want to be all dramatic but if you don't stop I'm breaking up with you.

First you took away Picnik. Which was a bummer because I kinda liked it.
Next was iGoogle. This was also a bummer because I don't really know how to keep all my Google crap in one place without it.
I even thought the Google Image Labeler game was kind of fun I was sad it no longer existed.
But now Google, you have gone too far! Taking away Google Reader? I love Google Reader and use it everyday. Answer me this: How am I supposed to read blogs now Google?  I'm seriously mad. I'm not mad enough to Bing yet, but I'm getting awfully close (you take away Blogger and I swear it's over!)

Glad they kept Google+, people sure seem to be loving that!
Looking across the interwebs there is plenty of proof that others feel the same way as me.

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Whitney Shepard said...

The moment I got your text when I woke up at 4am it's been a bad day. I went back to bed and didn't get to work till 11am. I've been researching other feed-reading options, and I feel so lost. Reader was one of the tabs that popped up every time I opened google chrome. I use the reader app on my iphone... I just don't understand why they would do this to us?

The only hope that can come from this is the hope that one day there will be a feed-reader that will allow you to comment or like something without clicking through to the actual blog... I always thing that would be such a great option. And in my opinion, would boost comments.

Also, the one annoying thing I have always disliked about google reader (and I was close to writing them a few times) was when I would scroll all the way down in my feeds and want to push the "home" button again to refresh... you had to scroll up on the side bar. Why not put the home button somewhere where it doesn't move???

Oh well, another fantastic internet age dies. I like the olden days.

Whitney Shepard said...

Okay, bloglovin seems to be a good enough replacement for the time being... and they transferred all me feeds over really fast.

McKayJoice said...

Bloglovin?! is it the same?

I LOVE my Google reader!
Why? I'm so mad.

Amanda Jane said...

I too am mad McKay.
Whitney I wrote this post mostly for you. This feels like Arrested Development all over again. Why do bad things happen to good people!?!