The 402.

Yesterday I woke up in Utah, today I did not.
It's weird. Well to me it is.
I wish I could be in two places at one time.

This is probably the last time we'll return to Omaha and call it home
It's weird that three Christmases here have already passed.
We've flown home for the holidays and then returned to this home from the holidays, three times.
It's nice having two places I consider home.
I wish I could mash the two together, but maybe what makes them both special is what is keeping them apart.

Adam only embarrassed us minimally on the flights. Which means there were acceptable amounts of screaming and crying.
We gave him an A-.
Scarlett hates leaving Utah, she mourns for days. She told me the only reason she was good on the flight to Utah was that she was excited, she wouldn't guarantee the same for the flight home.
Ruby hates leaving, but likes it here as well.

So yesterday night we returned home to our cold house. I told Nic to turn the thromostat down to 50 before he left (well I said 52, he said why not 50? I had no good answer.) As our house warmed up I unpacked our holiday bags for the last time. Nic turned on the water (he had turned off at my request "WE DON'T WANT OUR PIPES TO BREAK NOW DO WE!?!") The girls cuddled up downstairs with some new Christmas blankets and some good old Netflix. I was starting to get a little melancholy that this was it for here, that we are basically living in nostalgia now...And then Adam went in search of some toys to play with while he did the thing that reminds him most of home, unfortunately that thing is hiding in his closet to poop... and that slammed me back to reality this is still our home to make the best of for the next 5 months.

Vive la Omaha? Am I right people?


drewandlacey said...

it was good to see you yesterday in the airport! your girls are beautiful. I wish i could have met your little guy, but i was actually somewhat incoherent that early in the morning. so i'm glad i remember our encounter at all. where are you guys headed after omaha?

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