January 1, 2013

I love a fresh start.
The first of a new year always sneaks up on me before I'm ready for it.
When it comes down to resolutions I want to say I did something every day, for at least a whole year, starting on the first day of said year. So naturally, January 1st is a day that is practically begging to reinvent you.

But as for me...so far today my most notable accomplishment is showering before noon and that is something I should be doing anyway, so it shouldn't really count as my "2013 thing".
I would love to blog everyday, but remember how my last blog post (Nov. 28th) was a promise to blog at least 4 times in December and then I blogged zero times in December? I'm becoming one of those people so I'll just stop talking about it...

I don't like sharing my resolutions, because to be honest telling people about them doesn't motivate me to accomplish them, it just motivates me to stop telling people things they don't care about (ex. Do you really care if I don't eat a single gummy bear in 2013? No you do not.)

But a fresh start, a blank page, an empty canvas all have the potential of telling a really beautiful story (or a sad one, a funny one, or whatever.) The point is I love any excuse to start anew. I love you January 1st, you naive,  optimistic fool, you.

Happy New Year!


Marcy said...

Happy New Year!! My sweet inspiring, talented daughter...I love you!!! You always make me smile. Thank you!!

WhitneyJoy said...

Every post you write oozes truth and geniusness!

I always think, "I'm becoming one of those people".