Did you realize this is only the second time I've posted in November? And guess what? November is almost over. I've only blogged about half as much this year as I have in previous ones. I blame it on a number of things.

First, I started going back to school this year=no free time. All of my morsels of spare time are dedicated to writing up resumes I'll never use and translating things from Jamaican to English (actual assignment.) Schooling has also impacted my time dedicated to things like dusting. I probably have not dusted my house or a single baseboard this year. It has also impacted things like returning phone calls to friends in a timely manner. I'm sorry sweet loved one, it's not you it's me. I'm trying to learn balance. I'm trying to Good, Better, Best. I'm just not always there yet.

Second, Instagram. They say "a pictures worth a thousand words", so if you look at Instagram I've probably written hundreds of posts. Why write about the hilarious hijinks of daily life when I can just show you a picture with very little effort on my part?

Third, I think I'm supposed to blame Obama here somewhere?

Fourth, I've only blogged about like 3 things this whole year. And those are still the things that occupy my brain waves. For example Nic graduates in like six months. Moments ago I had a lady knock on my door to see if my house is for sale. People keep asking and I haven't even listed it yet, it's madness! And it's scary and it makes it all real. One minute I'm dying to move on with my life and put down roots, the next I'm terrified that I don't know what is next. Oh and lets not forget disgusting pizzas, I've blogged a lot about those this year too.

Fifth, I've been writing a Fifty Shades of Gray chaste fan-fiction piece.  This is a lie. The only thing I know about this book is that is erotica based on Twilight, somehow this does not sound like something I have time for. If there isn't a naked vampire I'm not reading it.

Even if I blogged everyday for the rest of the year I would still not meet my previous posting numbers. But I really want to try and have my 5-year blogging anniversary year go out with a bang! At this point I'll make a goal to at least post twice as much in December as I have in November (but don't hold me to it.)


maryjane said...

Thank goodness for instagram and naked vampires.

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