Gingerbread Specialist Redux

Well folks, it's official.

It's that time of year again and I've been dying to re-tell you all...it's happened again. And not to brag, again. But I'm kind of sort of a big deal out here in the Midwest. I mean not many people get to work with the precious gingerbread of the church...twice. (Seriously did they not hear that I literally hot glued some of the houses together last year?)

I kind of feel like this is one of the reasons I need to move away from Nebraska. Soon enough people are going to start thinking this is my "thing." To be clear it's kinda not my thing. 

Time to break out the glue gun, again. 


scott & ashley said...

YAY you are just the perfect little gingerbread builder/organizer/boss. No wonder they asked you again! Let me know when you need some help!

The Johnsons said...

I love that they asked you to do it again. :) I love that I get to hear all about the Gingerbread Specialist. Especially because I vividly remember the day 4 years ago that someone got called to be that and I almost fell off the bench. Also, hot glue or not, your gingerbread was amazing last year!!